Whistler Yoga Works

Yoga Blocks

 We specialize in blocks made from yellow cedar, however other woods may be available upon request. Please send us an email and we'll advise what we have in stock. All blocks are sealed in raw linseed oil and weigh approximately 1.3 kg. Artistry graphics are achieved through wood burning. Measuring approximately 3"X6"X9" these blocks are made from re-claimed wood, and as a locally-sourced and milled product it is an incredible addition to any practice.


                              Inukshuk    $30                                    Mudras 1   $30

 Mudras 2   $30


                       Snowshoes  $35                                        Ganesh   $35


                       Buddha    $35                                                Om     $35

                                             Light As A Feather   $30


                Breathe  $25                                                      Plain (Blank) $25       


               Snowflake  $30                                                     Strength  $25


                    OM    $25                                                        Snowboard  $25





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         Please note that the prices shown do not include tax and shipping/delivery.


Use of products is at the discretion of each yogi so please practice within your own boundaries. Product use is at your own risk and safety is encouraged. These tools are not meant for children.

Wood is a natural product that may change slightly in reaction to humidity, temperature and exposure to UV rays (i.e. sunlight). Although we endeavour to use dry, stable wood, some minor cracks may occur naturally but should not affect the utility of the block.

Because the designs burnt onto the blocks and painted onto the mats are applied by hand, small variations may be noted in every piece. You can be proud of the fact you have purchased a hand made work of art!

Although we have been careful to select quality materials for the blocks and mats , the durability and longevity of each product is dependant on individual usage and cannot be guaranteed.